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mona lisaWhen I think about art, I think about expression. It’s a matter of sharing a piece of my soul on any medium available. Although there are so many people out there who confess to not understanding the concept or even liking the thought of art, it is something we all use at some point or another. You see, what we don’t realize is that art is everywhere we look, but the conventional way of thinking has led us to believe that paintings and sculptures are some of the only true forms in which it shows itself. Luckily this isn’t the truth.

When we dig deeper than more aspects start to surface; music for example is a form of art, because it is a way of materializing deep emotions along with writing, acting and making movies. Now all of a sudden art isn’t confined to naked statues of David, but in the harmonies of a rock guitar played by Jimi Hendrix or a symphony composed by Mozart. However, it doesn’t end there. It goes on to anything that remotely places feelings and thoughts into a world where we can touch, see, hear, smell and taste it.

Jamie Oliver regards his cooking as an art form. Even people like Donald Trump consider his methods of generating money as a fine art he has developed over the years. In plain terms, there is not a person out there who hasn’t materialized some emotion or another. Anybody who takes pride in doing something in their unique way can find themselves in the company of Leonardo Da Vinci or Jimi Hendrix for that matter.

Another stereotype is the eccentric ways that artists behave in. In truth it has nothing to do with being an artist or creating it. Art breaks all boundaries across every race, age and time. It’s not bound by rules or regulations and in the end it’s our own special way of feeling Godly if only for an instant.

Art has so many different dimensions not even a brilliant mind like Albert Einstein would have been able to explain it in mathematical terms. It will never make any sense and it was made to stay that way, because the moment logic steps in then art steps out. For those who still ponder about how they know nothing about art, it’s time to start thinking again. We are all artists in our own right, but we just express it differently. This is also the reason why it’s so beautiful.